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Lumbar Disc Herniation

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disc-fx® procedure.

The Elliquence Disc-FX® System safely, rapidly and effectively performs minimally invasive discectomy procedures for contained lumbar spine herniations. The innovative, patented design combines simple, intuitive function with precise surgical results.

Less invasive compared to traditional discectomy procedures.

  • Minimum annulotomy reduces risk of herniation
  • Multi-functional therapeutic options; debulking, ablation and modulation
  • Manual excision of herniated nucleus through 3.0mm portal
  • Ablation and denervation achieved with use of Trigger-Flex®

Dr. Vodapally is one of the first Pain management specialists in the state of Connecticut trained to perform this procedure.

disc-fx® procedure

frequently asked questions.

asked questions.

The Disc-FX® System is an innovative, minimal access spine system designed to efficiently access the damaged disc without injury to the surrounding disc anatomy.

It is a minimal access procedure performed on an out-patient basis whereby the patient will go home the same day of the procedure with only a small bandage on their back. Disc-FX® is performed using x-ray guidance to accurately place the Disc-FX® System into the disc. The patented Disc-FX® device is then inserted into the center of the disc where tissue is precisely treated and/or removed. As a result, disc pressure is reduced, which eases symptoms.

Patients with symptomatic, contained lumbar disc herniations that have not responded to conservative treatment, may experience relief from a Disc-FX® procedure. Typical signs of a contained lumbar disc herniation are lower back pain or pain radiating down the leg accompanied by some lower back pain.

Schedule an evaluation visit with Dr. Vodapally to learn if you are the right candidate for the minimally invasive lumbar discectomy using Disc-FX® System.

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