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Chronic low back pain afflicts millions of Americans and can be severely limiting in everyday activities. When patients don’t respond well to non-surgical treatment methods for back pain that include Physical Therapy and various spinal injections, they often think major spinal surgery is their only remaining option. But for some, there is another type of treatment that could relieve their back pain: the Intracept® Procedure.

Intracept® is indicated for patients with chronic low back pain who don’t have spinal instability or scoliosis, but they do have changes present on an MRI, called Modic changes. These patients have experienced chronic low back pain for more than six months and have not responded to nonsurgical treatments.

Dr. Vodapally is one of the Interventional Pain Management Specialists in the state of Connecticut trained to perform the Intracept® procedure in Selected patients with chronic Vertebrogenic Lower Back Pain.

Schedule an evaluation visit with Dr. Vodapally to learn if you are the right candidate for the minimally invasive Intracept® Procedure. Visit the following website for more information.

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